A range of Physiotherapy. Acupuncture & Facial Acupuncture, Ostopathy and Podiatry treatments are available at ASCOT, Kensington and at your  Home.  

An in-depth assessment followed by an appropriate selection of treatment modalities applied with sensitivity to each individual patient.  Soft tissue and joint mobilisations, postural re-education, avoidance of falls / balance re-education,  muscle strengthening and conditioning, electrotherapy and Pilates/Yoga based exercises.  
1 Hour Initial Physiotherapy Assessment & Treatment:  £150.00
1 Hour Follow-Up Physiotherapy :  £150.00
A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) examination involving questioning and history taking, palpation of pulses, and observation of the physical condition of the body including the tongue to gain a diagnosis and subsequent selection of acupuncture points.  Traditional TCM needling, electro-acupuncture and auricular (ear) acupuncture with tiny needles and/or "ear seeds".
1 Hour Initial TCM Acupuncture Assessment and Treatment:  £150,00
1 Hour Follow-Up TCM Acupuncture:  £150.00 
1/2 Hour Follow-Up TCM Acupuncture:  £80.00
Facial Acupuncture Cosmetic Enhancement
A thorough examination to assess suitability for treatment involving questioning regarding state of health, previous conditions. Facial acupuncture stimulates the muscles, connective tissue and nerves to improve facial tone and reduce lines and wrinkles.  Treatment also involves needles to detoxify and to de-stress the body in order to improve facial appearance. Needles are applied to the face and additionally needles may be applied to the arms, legs and ears.  Each typical treatment session usually lasts 1 hour.  While improvements can be seen after one session - for best results, treatment would be repeated over a course of six to twelve sessions over a period of three to twelve weeks.  Once an initial course of treatment has been undertaken, many clients benefit from single repeated sessions every few months to maintain the benefits of treatment
15 minute Consultation: Free of Charge 
1 hour Facial Acupuncture Initial Assessment & Treatment: £185
1 hour Facial Acupuncture Follow - Up :  £185
Domiciliary Visits
Paula provides home visits by special arrangement.  Charges will be equivalent to the charges above with an additional fee for travel time and cost.  Please email Paula on for further information.
Podiatry with Richard Carroll
1 hour Podiatry session:  £125.00
1/2 Hour follw-up Podiatry session:  £65.00
Domiciliary Visits by special arrangement

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